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Baking and cooking have always been a big part of my life. However, these past couple years they have played an especially key roll. On Valentine’s Day, 2010, for the sake of being without a Valentine, I treated myself to some retail therapy and splurged on a brand new set of pans and both volumes of Julia Child’s cookbook. Four days later I had my first date with my soon-to-be husband. Following that first date, I began cooking through Julia’s recipes and bringing them to work every day for my future husband. I made her famous beef bourguignon, tarts, roast chickens, and much more.  And while my husband remained clueless that all these recipes were made from love, it was obvious to everyone else.  After all, one doesn’t stay up half the night to prepare beef bourguignon for another if they are just in the “friend” zone. He finally caught on, with some prodding from his co-workers, and a month and a half later, he proposed to me! We were married five months later.

My passion for cupcakes took at new turn at our wedding. We are from Michigan, but we got married just outside of St. Louis at a beautiful winery. Planning our wedding long distance (and in such a short period of time) was a challenge, but I knew from the start that we wanted cupcakes. I ordered chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, and topped with a fresh raspberry from a sweet little bakery whose name I can’t even remember. They were perfect!


When we returned to Michigan (my husband’s family lives in Missouri), we held a reception for those that couldn’t make the trip to Missouri.  I undertook the task of recreating our beautiful wedding cupcakes. I received so many compliments, they were delicious, and I was hooked!

After our Michigan wedding party, I kept baking but it was more for fun. In March, 2011, things turned serious. My brother proposed to his girlfriend and another wedding was in sight. This coming July, my brother with be getting married and I have the very special honor of creating their wedding cupcakes. Ever since I got the job, I have been testing cupcakes for family members and friends trying to nail down the most perfect recipes for the wedding. In the process, I’ve been asked to make cupcakes for baby showers, birthdays, baptisms, holiday parties, and much more!

And now, my love of cupcakes, which started with my own wedding, has blossomed into a full blown obsession. Every day I think of flavors that I think would make a great cupcake. My husband has also caught cupcake fever. The other day, after a pancake breakfast, he proposed the idea of a pancake cupcake. Hmmmm…. Not a bad idea… and maybe something you’ll see in an upcoming blog post.

5 thoughts on “About this Crazycupcakegirl

  1. Hey on the idea of a pancake cupcake, what about a french toast cupcake with maple syrup, or a belgian waffle cupcake with strawberries and whip cream! The ideas are endless!

      • Sometimes the weird ideas are the ones that make a person rich! I say go for it, I’ll be a taste tester, I ain’t scared! You mind as well try bacon too, and throw in some hashbrowns, heck make an omlet cupcake! What about a Lucky Charm cupcake… Or a pop tart cupcake…. I’m stuck on the whole breakfast thing :)

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